VMAXライジング ポケモンコイン専用ケース【VMAX Rising Pokémon coin case】

VMAXライジング ポケモンコイン専用ケース」は、2020年2月7日から開催されたキャンペーンで配布されました。

"VMAX Rising Pokemon Coin Dedicated Case" was distributed in a campaign held from February 7, 2020.


When I purchased 2 boxes of the reinforcement expansion pack "VMAX Rising" at the Pokemon Card Gym, I received a Pokemon coin case + Pokemon coins.


The cover features images of the three main families of the Galar region, Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon, and the VMAX logo is printed on the back cover.

背表紙には“COIN ALBUM”と記載があります。

The back cover says “COIN ALBUM”.

サイズは216 × 114 mmでコンパクトなサイズ感。

The size is 216 x 114 mm, giving it a compact feel.


The coins of Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble are stored inside.


The inside is made of urethane material with 16 holes that can store one coin at a time.

重さは空の状態で85.8 g、コインを16枚収納すると約108.2 gになりました。

The weight is 85.8 g when empty and approximately 108.2 g when filled with 16 coins.


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