ポケモンカードゲーム デッキシールド 25thグッズコレクション【Pokemon Card Game 25th Goods Collection Card Sleeves】

デッキシールド 25thグッズコレクション」は、ポケモンカードゲーム25周年を記念して2021年10月22日に発売されました。

"25th Goods Collection Card Sleeves" was released on October 22, 2021 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon card game.


When you actually insert the card, it looks like this.


Many goods related to the Pokemon card game are depicted, including Pokemon coins, damage counters, and markers.


A total of 16 Pokemon coins are depicted on this deck shield.

左上のラッキーから時計回りに番号を振っています/Numbers are numbered clockwise starting from Chansey at the top left
Noコイン画像/Coin Imageコイン名/Coin name
1ラッキー:シルバー斑点ホロ 任天堂/C/G/M【Chansey Silver Splotch Holofoil C/G/M】
2クサイハナ:グリーンピクセルホロ 任天堂/C/G/M【Gloom Green Pixel Holofoil C/G/M】
3ズガイドス:ブラウンミラーホロ【Cranidos Brown Mirror Holofoil】
4セレビィ:アクアレインボーホロ【Celebi Aqua Rainbow Holofoil】
5デオキシス:シルバーレインボーホロ【Deoxys Silver Rainbow Holofoil】
6ナエトル&ヒコザル&ポッチャマ:ゴールドレインボーホロ【Turtwig and Chimchar and Piplup Gold Rainbow Holofoil】
7アチャモ:オレンジミラーホロ【Torchic Orange Mirror Holofoil】
8デオキシス:シルバーレインボーホロ【Deoxys Silver Rainbow Holofoil】
9イワーク:ブラウンサークルホロ 任天堂/C/G/M【Onix Brown Circles Holofoil C/G/M】
10シェイミ:グリーンノンホロ【Shaymin Green Non Holofoil】
11スターミー:ブルーコンフェティホロ 任天堂/C/G/M【Starmi Blue Confetti Holofoil C/G/M】
12ルギア:シルバーレインボーホロ【Lugia Silver Rainbow Holofoil】
13ルギア:ブルーレインボーホロ【Lugia Blue Rainbow Holofoil】
14タテトプス:シルバークロスハッチホロ【Shieldon Silver Crosshatch Holofoil】
15ピカチュウ:ブロンズノンホロ【Pikachu Bronze Non Holofoil】
16ヒトカゲ:レッドノンホロ【Charmander Red Non Holofoil】

I tried mapping based on the author's thoughts and opinions on the internet.


The first one is a Chansey coin that anyone can understand because most of it is painted.

There are several Chansey coins, but the thickness of the line suggests that this is an early coin.


The difficulty level suddenly jumps from the second one, but it is a Gloom coin.

If you know anything about Pokemon coins, the design will be familiar to you.


The third one is also quite difficult, but I think it's a Cranidos coin from the eyes and mouth depicted.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out the identity of this coin.


The fourth is a perfectly painted Celebi coin.

This is the only coin that has been drawn entirely without chipping on this deck shield.


The fifth one is only a part of it and is quite difficult, but it is the Deoxys coin.

The difficulty level is too high, but once you know the answer, you feel satisfied that it is indeed true.


The 6th coin is the Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup coin, which is easy to identify because most of the coins are depicted.

There are several designs of this coin, but the color is definitely gold.


The seventh coin is an Torchic coin, which is characterized by its adorable eyes and mouth, although the area depicted is small.

The eyes and mouth are easy to distinguish, so if you like Pokemon, you'll definitely like it.


The 8th coin has no distinctive features and is difficult to identify, and is also a different color, but I believe it is a Deoxys coin again.

The same coin appears for the second time, and the color is different, so it doesn't feel right, but the pattern is almost the same.


The 9th coin is also quite difficult, but I believe it is an Onix coin due to its color and pattern.

It took quite a while to distinguish them because they were in different directions.


Number 10 suddenly becomes an easy problem and is Shaymin Coin.

If you look at it this way, you can see that the coin's pattern is perfectly reproduced.


The 11th coin is also a Starmie coin, which can be seen from the color and geometric pattern, although the area depicted is small.

The early coins had a simple design, and I feel that they are easy to understand even if only a small amount is visible.


The 12th problem is another easy problem, and it's about the Lugia coin.

It is probably the first coin of the second generation (Pokemon Card Neo), so many people may recognize it.


The 13th coin is also easy to understand and continues with the Lugia coin.

The fact that Lugia has been adopted twice in a row shows how popular the Pokémon Lugia is.


Judging from the color and pattern, the 14th coin is probably a Shieldon coin.

If you look closely, the patterns don't seem to match... It was difficult to distinguish, so we couldn't do anything further, so if you have any suggestions, please use the contact form below!


The 15th coin is a Pikachu coin with half drawn on it for easy identification.

The color and pattern matched perfectly, and the coin featured the popular Pokemon Pikachu.


It is no exaggeration to say that the 16th coin is the most difficult, and from the fragments of the pattern it appears to be a Charmander coin.

This is really difficult and I don't have any confidence, so if you have any suggestions, please use the contact form below!


I applied the photo of the last guessed coin to the deck shield and compared it with the real thing.

The lively atmosphere is the best, and this deck shield is irresistible not only for coin collectors but also for Pokemon fans!


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